Sneak Peaks!

Part I – Back Ground

It is with joy that I recount the deeds of grace of my Coleman antecedents and their children.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was entirely correct in stating in his prolific writings from the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach back in the 1700’s, “Happy he, who with bright regard looks back upon his father’s fathers, who with joy recounts their deeds of grace, and in himself, valued the latest link in the fair chain of noble sequence.”

This journey back into time was not an easy trip. Facts concerning the history of the Coleman family were, in some cases, difficult to uncover. When found, however, they shone as brightly as newly discovered and polished gemstones. Taken as a whole, the brightest gems were photographs of almost all of my direct antecedents from circa 1860 to the present.

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Part II – Direct Antecedents

Richard Coleman (born in 1590 Suffolk, England, died in 1650) British Father of Robert Coleman

The first step in this American Odyssey from Virginia to Warren County, North Carolina and beyond, started in England. Let us, therefore, first discuss the determination of the British father of Robert Coleman, of Charles City County, Virginia, who was the first American “citizen” antecedent of the Coleman family of Warren County, North Carolina.

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Part III – Families and Children

Robert Coleman, son of William Coleman, Jr. (born in 1680 and died in 1745 and identified as Senior in his will), was born in Amelia County, Virginia, and christened on 6 December 1713.

He died in approximately 1783 in Old District 98, Union, South Carolina. He lived in Lunenburg County, Virginia, and Mecklenburg County, Virginia, prior to moving to Union County, South Carolina, in the 1760’s.

Robert’s first wife was Susanna Phillips, the daughter of Claude Phillips de Richebourg. Claude was a first generation member of the Huguenot Colony, Manakin Town, Virginia. They had two children, Lucy and Frances, both born in Amelia County, Virginia, in the 1730s. Susanna had died by 1739.

a. Lucy Coleman was born prior to 1740 in Amelia County, Virginia, and died in 1786 at Union County, South Carolina. She is buried at Moncks Corner Baptist Church Cemetery, South Carolina, with her husband who died in 1811. She married Thomas Draper, Sr., between 1754 and 1758 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. They had eleven children: James, Sarah, William, Anne, Thomas, Philip, Catherine, Daniel, Travis, William and Joshua.

b. Frances Coleman was born prior to 1740 in Amelia County, Virginia, and died of small pox as a Loyalist (Tory) refugee in Charleston, South Carolina. She married Zacharias Gibbs, son of John and Susanne Phillipe Gibbs, after the Coleman family had moved to what later became South Carolina. Zacharias was born in Virginia in approximately 1741, and entered military service for Britain as a Captain at Ninety-Six, South Carolina, in November, 1775.

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